Shopping Acronyms & Meanings

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Shopping Acronyms & Meanings

Are you unsure what things like YMMV and FSH stand for? We have decided to put together a little list to help you understand the acronyms we use.

  • YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary. This means deals could be specific to one store, a region or even a managers discretion.
  • BOGO – Buy one, get one free
  • B1G2 – Buy one, get two free.
  • B2G1 – Buy two, get one free
  • S&H – Shipping, and handling not included
  • FSH – Free shipping and handling
  • B&M – Brick, and Mortar, means the actual physical store
  • AC – After coupon price
  • AR – After rebate price
  • Price Error, Price Mistake – poster price is a retailer error and orders may or may not be canceled. It’s always worth a try on these.
  • MIR – Mail-In Rebate
  • NIB – New in Box
  • BNIB – Brand New In Box
  • NWT – New With Tags
  • NOS – New Old Stock, this is stuff that was made a while back, but still new.
  • OOS – Out of Stock
  • OOSFN – Out of Stock for Now but can still be ordered
  • OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer  this basically means it was not intended for retail sale and may not come complete such as with cables, instructions, manuals or in a retail box
  • B-Stock – Factory Refurbished and tested
  • FR– Factory Refurbished and tested
  • CB – Cash Back
  • CPN – Coupon
  • FAR – Free After Rebate
  • GC – Gift Card
  • LPG – Low Price Guarantee
  • MSRP – Manufactures Suggested Retail Price
  • PM – Price Matched
  • SKU – Stock Keeping Unit, this is an identifying number for stock in a store.
  • TOS – Terms of Service

Now on Melissa Sales Girl, you might never see these acronyms but I wanted to make them known in case we do use some and you’re confused about what they mean. Also, they may help our readers on other blogs, facebook groups or pagers they belong too!


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