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Free Credits on Amazon? DID YOU KNOW??? WOW

So did you know there are a bunch of items you can get free on Amazon? I am going to break down a lot of the items today for you to hurry and grab and get the most of your prime account!

Coffee and tea sample box, how does this work? Well you order the coffee and tea sample box for $9.99 and you get back a $9.99 credit. The samples alone are worth more than the $9.99

Coffee and Tea Sample Box


Household Sample box is filled with household samples! Works just like the coffee and tea sample box, where you buy the sample box for $9.99 and get back a $9.99 credit! This is a great way to try new products.

Household Sample Box


Women’s Daily Beauty Box is one of my favorite boxes. First, its only $7.99 and you get back the full $7.99 in credit. The box is filled with new products that you can try before committing to buy in case you don’t like them! I have found some wonderful products buying this way!

Women’s Daily Beauty Box

Purina Cat Sample box is only $6.99 and you will receive $6.99 back in credit! So treat your kitty with these samples! I have found these samples are wonderful if you happen to run out and don’t feel like running to the store or the stores are closed. They are great to have on hand for emergencies!

Purina Cat Sample Box

K-Cups Sample Box is another great box for only $7.99 and gives a $7.99 credit back! Imagine having a $7.99 coupon to use towards your favorite K-Cups? Not to mention being able to find new brands of coffee and flavors!

K-Cups Sample Box

I can’t even begin to cover the numerous sample boxes there are out there on Amazon. All give you your money back in credit form. There is everything from specialty boxes, health, and wellness, men, women, pets, and beauty, etc! SEE THEM ALL —->  AMAZON SAMPLE BOXES




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