Extensive Amazon No Rush Credit List & Information

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Extensive Amazon No Rush Credit List & Information

Did you know when you order from Amazon you can choose no rush credit and be rewarded with credits for different items? These credits are completely random and you never know which ones the God’s of Amazon is going to give you. If you’re not in a hurry to get your products, No Rush Credits can really add up to some great freebies!


$1 Digital Rewards

Let’s start with the most common of the no rush credits, the $1 digital reward. Now, this doesn’t sound like much but if you are buying off your deal board it adds up pretty quick!

You can use these for eBooks, movies, music and some digital gift cards such as the Microsoft Xbox and PlayStation Gift Cards

Prime Pantry Credit

The Prime Pantry Credit can be pretty useful if you use it combined with the free shipping offer Amazon Offers, You can get fairly cheap or even free items with this method.

When you purchase 5 qualifying items you receive $6 off your order giving you free shipping. You can access this promotion at Pantry Promotion.

At the time of this posting, there is a $5 off $40 promo code:  PANTRYNEXT


Clearance Items  at the time of this posting you can get an extra 25% off clearance items

A new feature to mention is the new Prime Pantry Membership it’s $4.99 a month and you get free shipping on all orders over $40.  Right now you can try this service for 30 days free and cancel at any time if you are not happy with it.

Head over to Prime Pantry and set your items too low too high and find the best deals to use your credits on before they expire.

Amazon Prime Now

With this credit (if available in your area) you get your items within 2 hours! Check out Amazon Prime Now

Amazon $3 Credit off Next Purchase

This one is a very rare credit and we haven’t personally seen it for a while but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. If you got this credit it means it can apply to any of your next purchases. Terms of Use

$5 Office and Electronics Credit

This one is a fairly good one if you need some office supplies! You can get some awesome freebies on this credit. We notice it triggers when you buy things link printer ink. You can see use this credit by going to Office and Electronics.

For example, you can get these EXPO Dry Erase markers for only .50 for the set!

$5 Grocery Credit

Love this credit, you can apply it to anything grocery! I used these credits to lessen the cost of nuts for all the Christmas baking I had to do. Nothing like nuts breaking the bank, these credits helped lesson the nut burden!

Check out all the great things you can purchase for cheap or free: Grocery Credit

$5 CD or Vinyl Record Credit

This one is another great one, I bought my daughter a 21 Pilots CD for only $4.98 after this credit. She’s 14, everything’s digital it was the first CD she ever owned. I thought it was hilarious until she brought the CD into the car.. #MomFail

Pick your music wisely!  You can use your credit at CD and Vinyls

$10 TV or Projector Credit

This one has been great for a lot of readers when we have posted those great projector deals. A lot of the projectors were able to have this credit applied.

$10 Furniture Credit

I was able to get so many cheap rugs for my house with this credit! Readers even reported getting cheap furniture with the one brand we posted about gave all those awesome sales.

$10 Amazon Restaurants Delivery

This credit is great if you have Amazon restaurant delivery in your area. It allows you to get $10 off your order! Check if this is an option in your area by visiting Amazon Restaurant and imputing your zip code.

$5 Shoe Credit

Where you lucky enough to score the shoe credit?

$5 Luxury Beauty Credit

This is another one of my favorite credits! You can get tons of products for next to nothing, even free. On top of that if you buy sample products of items you use you can use the Luxury Beauty Credit, but you can also get the sample cost back to use towards a larger sized product!

Some Examples

$5 Toys and Games Credit

If you think the $3 any purchase is rare, this one is like trying to find a unicorn! I have only ever seen this credit once and never again! But that means nothing since Amazon often gives many of us different credits.

Toys and Games Credit

$5 Print Book Credit

This is also another rare one, I am seriously not sure how to even trigger this one. I use to get some great children books having this credit for free!

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones to get this credit here is where you can find all the great deals on freebie or cheap books

Print Book Credit

$10 Home Service 

This one is so useless to me, it’s not in my area and I wish they would stop making it so common for people who do not have any of these services in our areas. But basically, you can have home services such as cleaning to unplugging your toilet done and now you can get it done with a $10 savings if you have this credit and this is available in your area.

You can see if its available in your area by heading to Amazon Home Services

Now the catch on Amazon No Rush Credits.. Must be sold and shipped by Amazon and they EXPIRE!!!  I have lost a lot due to them expiring and forgetting about them! 



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