Amazon Add-On Item Trick

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Amazon Add-On Item Trick

So you see me post a lot of add-on items where you must spend $25 to have the item shipped at a lower price.

Method 1

There are two ways you can do this.  You can meet the guidelines by adding one of those products that give a high discount via code we commonly post. For example, your add-on is $6.00 you now need $19.00 to add to your order. Now if you add an item that is $32 but after the code is only $4.00 this will still work.  Add both items to your cart, apply the code, the add-on item will still be able to ship now without reaching the full $25 requirement.

Method 2

One that circulates on the net that I don’t endorse is to buy a pre-order item since you are not charged until it ships but to cancel the order prior to it shipping. I am pretty sure eventually Amazon would see you abusing the system with this and why we do not endorse you doing it all.


Method 3

Is using Alexa voice. You can do this with any device you have Alexa voice set up on, even an app on your phone. This isn’t as easy as it sounds though and can be a hassle to place the order, but it does get you around the $25 add-on restriction.


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